5752326_mPCB assembly

We assemble through hole, surface mount and hybrid technology PCB’s. From a one-off prototype to the low thousands depending on size and complexity.
Surface mount can be done either by fully automatic pick and place machines or for the smaller quantities can be soldered by hand by one of our skilled operators.
Through hole assembly can be done by either wave solder or again by hand.

Electo-mechanical assembly

A number of the PCBs we build are then assembled into various enclosures with an element of wiring, ribbon cabling etc.


We can undertake most types of functional test from simple plug in go/no go type tests to more intricate PC driven bed of nails functional test. We can do this utilising our customers equipment and methods or we can design and build bespoke equipment to meet the needs of a particular product


Through our associate design team we can offer all aspects of electronic design from schematic design through PCB layout, software writing, PIC programming, prototyping to finished design.

We can also offer test development to compliment our customers products and industry standard methods of production.

  • Design for Manufacture
  • Cost Down engineering
  • Turn-key solution
  • Material Procurement

We can work with free issued materials or we can procure components, PCB’s etc, on behalf of the customer, or a mix of the two.

Products can be tested, inspected, packaged and even shipped direct to end users if required.

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